10-year-old cat, who was rescued 5 minutes before euthanasia, will celebrate the New Year at home

The cat Vasechka accidentally managed to take away from the owner when she was with it in the vet clinic and intended to put it to sleep. All its 10 years of life it endured bullying, although it lived with people. No one was protecting the cat, and it was just trying to survive. But now there have been big changes in its life.

Vasechka had an operation. It couldn’t breathe through its nose, and it couldn’t eat either. They had to feed the animal from a syringe. However, it didn’t last long. It was under the supervision of the best veterinarian, who did not know what he was doing, but the effect was already visible the next day. Gradually, the cat began to “come to life”, on the second day it was already trying to eat and drink some water. However, the miracles in its life did not end there. I was able to find a wonderful owner from the capital for Vasechka.

Alice is a very sincere and kind person, I liked her right away. Especially after she told me that there are two disabled animals among her pets. She also could not hold back her tears, and said that she would do her best to make Vasechka happy. She was not afraid of the cat’s condition and all its diagnoses, she assured that she would be able to provide the necessary care at home. And she also said that her daughter has her own pet store, so Vasechka will definitely not need anything.

Could a poor cat dream of such happiness, who in the ten years of its life had not seen a good attitude and human care? Of course not. However, it was time for miracles for it.

It seems to me that the cat still has a guardian Angel because the probability that it would be rescued five minutes before the fatal injection was almost zero. It’s real magic.

The doctor prescribed us everything we needed for treatment and said that it was not necessary to stay in the clinic, because now the main thing for Vasechka is the care and a kind attitude. Now Vasechka will live in a new house where it will be cared for and loved.

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