Tiny kitten runs out of bushes and comes up to its new Mom

Cassie was going out when she heard a weird chirping noise coming from a bush. She came to the bush and found a kitten hiding in it. When the kitten saw Cassie, she ran out of the bush and just came up to her. The kitten hissed at her first, but when she picked it up, it instantly melted.

“I pick her up, put her on my chest and I walk her over to where my stuff is. I found a Frisbee in my car and so I filled that up with water and she’s just drinking and drinking and drinking. I had cat food in my car for my cats, so I grabbed some of that and gave it to her and she’s just like scarfing it down,” Cassie said.

The kitten didn’t want to leave Cassie, sat up on her shoulder, and just wanted to stay there. “She just follows me everywhere. Anywhere I would go, she would follow me back forth, back and forth. She didn’t want to leave my side at all. And the second she runs to me, I knew automatically she was going to stay with me forever.”

Cassie brought the home and named her Charm. “I just think that was pure luck of being at the right place at the right time. So I wanted to name her something lucky, so I came up with Charm.”

The kitten was dehydrated, starving, and flea-infested, so she gave it a bath. “She slept for the rest of the night and the next morning she was like, a totally different kitten. She started to come out of her shell and feel good about herself. She had no fear of the other cats and the dog. She was absolutely fearless.”

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