“Sheltered them as its own.” The story of one dog who sheltered seven orphaned kittens

The most touching and unusual stories occur mainly with animals. So this time, an employee of a shelter in England witnessed such a case. About a month ago, small abandoned kittens were brought to their shelter. People passing through the city noticed them on the side of the road and immediately gave them to specialists.

One employee of the shelter named Rachel felt that they needed special care and took them to her home. Here they will be more comfortable and she will be able to pay due attention to everyone. Rachel already had a Labrador named Bertie at home. She also took it from this shelter.

Who would have thought that a dog would accept kittens as its own children? It immediately started coddling them. Rachel took care of their nutrition and treatment, and Bertie taught them to wash, go to the tray, and of course, take care of them like a real father. These kittens stayed in the girl’s house for about two months. During this time, they had already matured and could take care of themselves.

Rachel said that her dog showed itself very noble, and with the kids behaved like a real babysitter. Small children tired the dog, but it endured everything because it treated them as its own children. And after a while, the little fluffy lumps became adult young cats who can stand up for themselves.

Of course, the dog didn’t really want to part with these cats. Fortunately, all of them have already found their home.

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