The sick puppy lay outside under the pipe for 3 days. A stray dog and a veterinarian saved the baby’s life

Again, events are taking place in the city of Kursk. Wet and rainy weather outside. Trying to hide from the rain, the little puppy climbed under the heating pipe. The baby lay there for three days. It no longer believed that this whole nightmare would end and its life would be saved. The baby was so weakened that it could not even raise its voice. Moreover, it didn’t make sense, because people didn’t pay attention to it anyway.

When my assistant Ksyusha saw Lada, the dog could no longer open its eyes. It lay motionless, as if dead. Ksyusha asked me about what actions she should take. Of course, I immediately sent them to the veterinary clinic. And maybe the baby can still be helped? We should not miss even a tiny chance.

Lada’s great luck is that it fell into the hands of a real professional – Vladimir Pakhomov. However, even this excellent doctor did not guarantee a successful outcome. Lada’s condition was extremely severe. It had bad tests. Also, the baby urgently needed a donor. Without the help of a donor, its life was doomed.

I called Alexander (one of our volunteers) and asked him to bring at least some donor because we were obliged to save this crumb.

As a donor for Lada, we chose a dog named Linda. It also had a difficult fate. We can say that it and Lada were friends in misfortune.

We hoped we could save Lada. When the baby had surgery, I was so scared that I didn’t even dare to make a phone call to the hospital. I asked the girls to go and inquire about how the surgery went.

Fortunately, the baby was saved. Adult “friend” Linda literally gave the puppy life. As we approached Lada’s crib, it started smiling and wagging its little tail affably. It was incredible! The baby looked at everyone with sincere gratitude.

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