Photos from the veterinary hospital that will cause a smile and give positive emotions

It seems to me that everyone loves four-legged friends for the fact that they can cheer up and give a smile even on the worst and unlucky day. Even if you don’t have a fluffy pet at home, I think these photos will make you smile anyway.

Various photos from veterinary hospitals are collected here, judging by which it can be concluded that being a veterinarian is a wonderful profession.

Here we see Maine Coon kittens. The cats feel great, they were just brought for a routine checkup.

9-недельные котята мейн-куны на плановом осмотре.

« I work as a veterinarian in a specialized clinic for horses. This colt fell asleep right on my slippers while I was talking to its owner.

“Я работаю в ветклинике для лошадей, и этот малыш отрубился у моих ног, пока я вел диалог с его хозяевами”.


“Кажется, он шокирован так же сильно, как моя коллега”.


“Самая милая вещь, которую я когда-либо видела в кабинете ветеринара”.

« My friend’s dog ate a bar of chocolate, and he had to take the animal to the hospital. You can’t tell from the dog’s smile that it regrets what it did. »

“Собака моего друга съела шоколад. Пришлось везти ее к ветеринару. Она ни о чем не жалеет”.


Этот малыш совершенно не боится ветеринара.

« My friend is a veterinarian, she often sends me photos of animals that cause emotion and delight. »

Новый помощник.


Обследование хомячка.


Преимущества работы ветеринаром.

The owners brought a puppy to vaccinate.

Какое чудо!

A veterinarian is a grateful profession because no one knows how to show gratitude like animals.

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