The rabbit came to the rescue of the little puppies

In the Omsk region, one story happened recently, which is hard to even believe. An ordinary rabbit became a real guardian for several puppies, took them under its protection, and saved them from death.

A rabbit escaped from one farm, the owner could not find it in any way. He decided that it was quite capable of living on its own, dug a hole for itself near the house of one of the local residents, and settled down there.

One day a huge light dog climbed into the hole. Margarita – that was the name of the resident next to whose house the rabbit was located – decided that the rabbit was about to be killed. But what happened could really surprise her.

It turned out that the dog also lives in this hole. Besides it and the rabbit, three puppies were huddled in a modest dwelling. Their mother died after being hit by someone’s stray bullet, and the kids were left in the care of a rabbit.

The rabbit allowed Margarita to come over to feed the puppies but did not take its wary gaze off her. It ran around its charges all the time, driving away hostile cats from them. This rabbit even licked the kids so that they wouldn’t run around dirty. Its concern was truly touching.

It’s hard to say what could have happened to the puppies if not for the help of their furry guardian. The kids could not survive the frosts, which can be quite severe in this area. But the rabbit took care of these puppies and helped them as diligently as if they were its own children. It was its support that helped them survive.

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