Such an ugly cat can’t live in my house. My children are afraid of it. Say thank you for I didn’t put it down.

A woman came to an animal shelter with the words that such an ugly cat can’t live in her house, besides, children are afraid of her.

We sincerely did not understand how the cat caused fear in its owners, and also, it was not clear what kind of infection affected its eyes.

The owner claims that nothing preceded the disease.

The woman conducted a dialogue in raised tones, shouting that she did not need a sick cat. And also, we should be grateful that she decided not to put her down.

Now Candy lives in our shelter. She loves affection, constantly begs to be stroked, petting and purring.

And she behaves like a real girl.

Unfortunately, people could not see her beauty and immediately decided to get rid of her when she started having health problems.

The cat’s eyesight is fine. But we don’t have an optometrist in the city, so we ask not indifferent rooks who have such an opportunity to show it to a specialist.

Candy hopes to meet a caring owner who is not capable of betrayal.

They say that at first Candy was a favorite pet in the family. Parents decided to get a pet to teach their children to be responsible. But how is this possible if their parents themselves are not such.

And what kind of adults can they turn out to be if they see betrayal from childhood. Already today they know that they can simply refuse a sick animal

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