The cat gave the newly born kittens a chance for a new life

The cat could not get warm in any way and pressed the newly born kittens with her paws. The walls of the wooden house, under which mom and her kids found shelter for themselves more than a week ago, have long cooled down.

The hostess of the house was taken away by ambulance a week ago.

The strength began to leave the cat, but she decided.

It was necessary to walk no more than two hundred meters to the neighboring site. At another time, when there was no aching pain from the cold, and her paws did not bend from hunger, she could overcome this distance in just a couple of minutes. But now. Three jumps from her last strength. The paws are immersed in snowdrifts, three lumps are clamped in the teeth, which do not make a sound and the mother’s heart is working.

She moved with the kittens to the next shed. A neighbor noticed her there. She didn’t chase them away. And here in front of the cat and her babies is a quickly cooked porridge in a bowl and hot water. The woman laid a clean cloth on the floor and for the first time in a week, the cat and kittens fell asleep in the warmth. The cat was able to cope. Her babies are alive. And then what…

Then it will definitely be. After all, a woman wipes her tears and holds a phone in her hands for a reason. So, they will soon find out about them. They will hear and read. And then the cat and her kittens will have a chance for a new life in the warmth and comfort of home.

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