Abandoned Puppy Hiding In Drain Pipe Gets A New Lease On Life

No dog should ever be left without a home. But the sad reality is that there are many dogs in this world who are abandoned to their fate.

The most terrible thing is the fact that there are homeless puppies in the world who have never known love and kindness in their lives. They live a very sad and difficult life.

For one little puppy, the odds in life were already against her when she started her life on the street

It wasn’t easy for a two-month-old puppy, especially when the weather got hot in the summer. A little abandoned puppy was suffering under the scorching sun, desperate for shade, and she found him inside a large pipe.

The little dog was in pretty bad shape when hiding inside a pipe, having been thrown on the side of the road in a remote area of Serbia.

There were no houses in the neighborhood. It seems there was nowhere to wait for help. But, fortunately for the puppy, someone found her and called the Mladenovac Dog Shelter.

It took rescuers some time to find her, but eventually, they found her inside a drainage pipe.

The little puppy was in pretty bad shape with an eye infection and a tick infestation across her body.

Despite all the pain she’d been through in her young life, she was still quite sweet and affectionate, quickly bonding with her rescuers.

Eventually, she was rehabilitated and went on to be put up for adoption.

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