The guy sold everything he had and has been traveling with one cat for 3 years

Rich started his blog a couple of years ago. In it, he shares with subscribers his story and how he travels with a cat named Willow. A few years ago, the guy decided to sell everything he had and buy a van. Now they are traveling with the cat.

The unusual couple managed to live in several different states in Australia. Many people find Rich strange because he chose a cat as a travel partner. The guy does not agree with this opinion. He loves his furry girlfriend very much, and she takes their journey very calmly.

The kitty wears a special collar with an electronic sensor. This allows her not to lose somewhere in the wilderness. Rich does not lock the cat in the van during stops, she knows that she should not go far from the car.

The guy doesn’t plan anything. He believes that it is necessary to live for today. Now their journey is going in the best way. Rich gets incredible pleasure from everything that happens.

Now the travelers are heading for home. However, they are not going to stay there for very long.

You can watch Rich and his cat on his social networks. He actively maintains his website and Instagram account, which many people subscribe to.

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