The dog runs away from its yard to visit and hug its friend over the fence

Nowhere is it possible to feel so comfortable as in a loving embrace. It turned out that not only people know about it, but also two funny dogs from Thailand.

Labrador Messi and Husky Audi live across the street. Both dogs are very fond of walking, fortunately, the fenced territories of their owners’ yards will allow them to spend a lot of time outdoors. Audi is very attached to the owners and when they go to work, it starts to get bored and whine.

The owner of Messi cannot listen indifferently to the plaintive howl from the neighbor’s yard and often asks her pet to “chat” with Audi. The Labrador approaches the fence and barks without malice at the neighbor’s dog, which is soothed by such attention.

Usually, dogs have enough communication across the street, but once, when the owners did not lock the gate, the Audi was able to get out and escape. The puppy immediately went to the fence opposite to get a closer look at its friend. The dogs approached the fence from both sides and almost simultaneously stood on their hind legs, hugging each other.

After receiving its dose of such pleasant hugs, Audi went to its yard, but now the dogs regularly walk across the street to get friendly support from a neighbor. Charming animals can be considered an excellent example of the fact that any problems are not so terrible when someone who loves and supports you is nearby.

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