10 photo-proofs that it is better to feed cats on time

Very often, cat owners say that it is more likely that they are living with pets than vice versa. Whether this is true or not depends on the specific pet, but everyone agrees on one thing – you need to feed the cat according to a schedule, otherwise, there will be troubles. If you don’t believe me, see the photos.

1. Why do you pour so little? I don’t have to watch my figure

2. Much more will fit into my bowl, quickly give me an additive.

3. Why am I so angry? Because you don’t feed me enough.

4. My bowl is in the kitchen, then why are you still here?

5. What does it mean “I have a job”, or “traffic jams on the roads”? I need to be fed on time.

6. Eat vegetables yourself, I’m a predator, quickly bring me meat.

7. My bowls are still empty, don’t you love me at all?

8. Why did you put all the most delicious things on your plate? Quickly share the goodies with me

9. Have you seen my fur? Do you think with your diet I can stay so beautiful for a long time?

10. I wasn’t fooling around, I just ran out of food, and I had to eat flour.

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