The girl saved a nearly blind kitten from death and gave him a new life

It is wonderful that there are still people among us who cannot pass by an animal in need of help. Today we decided to tell you about a girl from Los Angeles named Molly Sotak. This girl, seeing a kitten lying on the road, could not remain indifferent. Its eyes did not open because of some kind of infection.

And a few days later, Molly brought the unfortunate half-dead creature to an animal shelter. The cat didn’t react to anyone, she was so exhausted. Therefore, the girl was afraid to nurse her on her own. But before that, she gave her a name – Nelly.

Nelly was prescribed the necessary treatment. And when she completed it, she had already managed to find new owners. With a new life came a new nickname – Dina.

Comparing photos of a cat during illness and after recovery, it’s hard to believe that it’s the same animal. Dina has turned into a real beauty with lush fur and blue eyes. Now she has her own cozy house, a lot of toys for animals, and the care of loving owners.

The owner has created her own Instagram page for Dina, where everyone can find out how the kitty lives now.

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