A puppy hit by a car was lying on the scarlet snow, and a mongrel mother was crying nearby… But the baby was saved!

This story began eight years ago… A mongrel with two small puppies has settled under the porch of a multi-storey residential building. The dog was lucky – the people who live there turned out to be extremely compassionate, so it never occurred to anyone to drive the animals away. Everyone amicably fed mom and her kids.

Irina Prokopyeva lives in the same house. It was she who helped the pets when the accident happened…

In November, the kids turned six months old, and they have already started running around the neighborhood. And one day one of the puppies (a girl) ran out onto the road. And then a car ran over her…

собака во дворе

The mother, who heard that her child was howling in pain, rushed to the road and bent over the baby. She started crying too, but this time out of desperation, not knowing what to do next. It was getting dark outside, and there were no people around who could help.

Fortunately, at that very moment, Irina Prokopyeva came out of the entrance with another girl. They heard a puppy crying, a dog howling, and then saw how the baby’s paws were shaking, and the snow was turning red under them.

собака в доме

The girls acted very quickly. They immediately took the injured puppy to the veterinary clinic. The baby underwent surgery, removing bone fragments from the bladder. The baby’s right hind leg has become a little shorter, but this does not prevent her from running fast and enjoying life at all.

And the most important thing is that the pet immediately found a home. She was sheltered by Irina, and for eight years the animal has been living happily with the girl!

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