A woman saved a puppy that escaped from dogfights and fell exhausted to the ground

Dogfights are still taking place in many countries of the world, and it does not matter whether it is allowed or not. People can be so cruel that they like to watch the suffering and pain of others, especially the weaker ones.

The story we want to tell you about took place in the state of Kansas. The woman left the house in the morning and saw a pit bull puppy on her lawn. At first, she was confused, but then she realized that the baby needed urgent help.

This puppy is an example of what terrible consequences dogfights have. However, he also became an example of how an animal can change a lot externally if it is treated with love and proper care.

When the pit bull was only 5 months old, he managed to escape from dogfights. The baby had no strength left and he fell near a house located in the city of Topic.

Jackie (the dog’s nickname) had a terrible condition. There were wounds on his neck, and one eye was swollen, there were many scratches and wounds all over his body.

A resident of the house, who found the puppy, immediately dialed the number of the animal rescue society. The volunteers who arrived at the scene immediately took the baby to the veterinarian. The doctor conducted an examination, provided first aid, fed, and gave the baby rest. For the first time in his life, the puppy was in a safe place.

Every day after work, the woman who helped Jackie visited him at the vet clinic. She became very attached to the puppy. He soon recovered and was ready to be discharged.

The kid has changed a lot! Now he is a charming dog, affectionate, kind, and playful. Now he is doing well and the fights are in the past.

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