The devoted dog spent a week under the doors of the hospital, waiting for the owner, not knowing that he was no longer alive

Labrador Paco is six years old and lives in Argentina. The dog is very loyal to his owner – he spent a whole week under the doors of the hospital in San Salvador de Jujuy.

All this time the dog was waiting for its beloved owner, not knowing that he was gone. And the man’s relatives just forgot about the pet.

For a week, the dog did not leave the side door located next to the main entrance. Soon they put a cardboard box for it and put a piece of cardboard next to it as a litter.

Staff and visitors of the hospital began posting photos of Paco on social networks, which animal rights activists soon found out about. It was they who decided to help the dog because the relatives were not interested in Paco’s fate. The volunteers decided to find new owners for the pet.

“This person should have reliable doors in the house and he should live away from the hospital so that the dog does not run out into the street, otherwise it will come back and continue to wait for the owner,” said one of the volunteers.

So animal rights activists took the dog after it spent a week under the doors of the hospital. Now they are looking for a new home for it. The Labrador breed is known for its devotion, and this dog only proves it.

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