The Spotted taxi puppy is becoming popular because of its unique markings

Most of us have some pages about animals on social networks, and there is a chance that we will follow one or two funny pets. They are just so cute, and it’s always nice to see these adorable pets in our feed if we have a bad day. Well, now we can add another charming dog named Moo to our list.

Mu is a dachshund with a spotted body, and therefore it seems that he is half Dalmatian. The seven-month-old puppy has already collected more than 36 thousand subscribers on his page on social networks. He lives in Miami, Florida, with his owner Victoria Hoffman. She regularly posts photos of Mu in various everyday situations.

What distinguishes Mu from other dachshunds is its fur. Although his head is dark in color, like other dachshunds, his body is completely unique because of the piebald pattern. This coloration is the result of the appearance of white spots on a pigmented background, and it usually spreads throughout the body.

The twenty-four-year-old owner of Mu said that he is often stopped by people who do not understand whether he is wearing a sweater or not. She also stated that the puppy gets a lot of requests for photos whenever they go out in public. Despite the fact that his appearance attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes, Victoria stated that his personality is just as bizarre.

According to Victoria, Mu likes to hide his toys in the same place, eat almonds or watermelons, and nap under the bed, lying on his back. All his little quirks mean that Victoria has never been bored with her puppy until now. She and her boyfriend took him in during the pandemic, and since then he has brought them a lot of joy.

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