A little old doggie was waiting for help for several days in a groove from which it could not get out

I learned this story from a volunteer, a girl named Julia a few weeks ago. This story touched me incredibly.

Lyova, is a small but brave dog, spent several days in a ditch. It is not known how it got there, but the dog could not get out on its own. Lyova had problems with its paws, so it only barked and whined, trying to attract attention to itself. For some reason, people ignored its pleas for help for a very long time. Julia, having learned about this misfortune, immediately went to Lyova.

The dog looked so terrible that it was immediately difficult to even recognize it like a dog. All the wool was knotted and hung in dirty shags. Lyova itself was very thin and weak. It immediately became obvious to Julia that it had spent more than one day in this ditch.

Lyova was immediately taken to the veterinarian, where it turned out that the doggie was not able to walk at all. It turned out to be a rather old dog: ten years old. Its hearing was not in the best condition, as was its health. Julia felt sorry for the old dog, she could not leave it, taking it to her for overexposure. She decided to take care of its health.

The doggie immediately felt grateful to its savior, showing a very warm attitude towards her. Lyova turned out to be very affectionate and calm, it did not conflict with other animals that already lived in Julia’s house. All animals fell in love with this dog and supported it in all available ways.

All this led to the fact that Leva began to recover. Gradually it was able to get up on its paws. It walks very slowly and cannot cross the threshold on its own, but still walks! These are incredible results!

The kid was vaccinated against all possible diseases. It seems that Lyova’s life was not sweet: it is afraid of sharp sounds and movements in relation to itself. Even the suddenly turned-on light scares it: the dog twitches and tries to run away. It is difficult to say what exactly the reason is, but this sight breaks the heart. People are sometimes so cruel. Lyova was offended before.

The dog loves to eat very much and instantly pounces on any food offered to it, which suggests that it used to starve. It always tries to stay close to people, loves to be stroked and caressed. Everyone who sees it is imbued with pity for the baby.

Julia fell in love with Lyova with all her heart, but soon she will have to go to the hospital, so she will not be able to take care of it. She hopes that for such a wonderful dog she will be able to find a new home and loving owners. We would not want Lyova to be on the street again.

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