For 2 days, the sick dog lay in the snow in the park. People thought it was just resting, but it could not get up

There was a very unhappy dog lying in a snowdrift in the park. It curled up into a ball, trying to keep warm. The weather was very cold outside. The dog buried its nose in its paw. It is not clear whether it felt so much warmer, or whether it was just trying to hide from the cruel world around it. There were a lot of people in that park, small children ran right next to the dog, they threw snowballs and made noise. The dog shuddered every time another lump of snow flew past and fell near it. Despite its fear, it did not run away.

A woman approached Romka, interested in why this dog was lying in the snow. She decided that it needed help. Romka looked at her, and the woman saw that it was crying. Dogs cannot speak, so Romka could not say what happened to it, could not ask her to help. It just looked into her eyes, huge and plaintive.

The woman called me and said that there was a dog in the park that could not get up. That it had been several hours since it could not get up, people saw how, quite recently, it was running here nearby. She could not take the dog to her, so she asked me for help.

It turned out that Romka often visited this park, many passers-by saw it. The dog seemed to be completely healthy. And at some point, it fell into a snowdrift and could not get up.

Volunteers left to help the unfortunate Romka. The dog looked incredibly sad, it had a frightened look. Romka could not understand where they were trying to take it but did not resist. It looked as if it had practically no will to live.

After a veterinary examination, it turned out that Romka had not been lying in the snow for several hours at all. It’s been at least a couple of days. Its hind leg was in terrible condition, the doctors could only give disappointing predictions about it. Passers-by simply ignored the fact that a lone dog was lying in the snow in the park. Maybe they thought it was just lying down to rest. How much pain it had to endure during these days!

Romka was given veterinary care, after which it moved to a hotel for animals. It was placed in an insulated aviary because it spent so much time in the cold.

For several weeks now, Roma has been living in that hotel. Its owner loved this dog very much for its gentle disposition. For some time, Romka was afraid to leave its enclosure, but it always took food when it was offered to it. After a while, it became more courageous, allowed itself to be stroked, and even licked the outstretched hand. A very good dog, kind and friendly.

This dog has some kind of magical energy, otherwise, how can I explain that all the other dogs from the same hotel fell in love with it so much? They usually don’t like newcomers, but they treated Romka very well.

With two dogs – Alma and Yara – the doggie has established a particularly warm relationship. They learned to get into its enclosure. Now, these three periodically sit all together. So it became much more fun for Romka to live.

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