A pregnant shepherd dog became homeless, and she had to give birth to puppies in an old garage…

So a pregnant shepherd dog once found herself on the street. She wandered around and looked for a place where she could give birth. In the end, she settled in an old garage.

Small adorable puppies were born. However, not all of them took after their mother! Some pets didn’t even look like a shepherd dogs.

щенки в гараже

Fortunately, at the same time, Nastasia Kazakova and other caring people found out about the unfortunate dog. She immediately took one of the puppies and the mother, along with other children, went to a local shelter. The pets began to leave one by one for new homes…

собака на прогулке

And the beautiful puppy named Lilya grew by leaps and bounds. She turned out to be quite different from her mother-shepherd, but the owners are not upset at all. “She’s a beauty here!”- people say with admiration.

собака на прогулке

The dog loves to ” sing”, meeting the family on returning home. Probably, this is how Lilya “tells” the news. She does not like frosts, preferring to bask in a warm bed instead of walking at sub-zero temperatures.

собака в воде

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