The man saw a dog at the bottom of the gorge, the dog could not walk and was blind

A dog is not just an animal. Any family in which a pet lives will confirm that it is an equivalent family member. Loving owners treat dogs with disabilities with special care. This article will focus on the rescue of a missing blind dog. The breed of the dog is a Labrador.

At the time when the dog disappeared, its age was twelve years old. The dog left the yard and did not return. The owners were shocked, as they did not expect this from an elderly dog. The whole family was worried about the pet. They went to look for the dog, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

Also, the neighbors of the family joined the search. Until late at night, people were searching for a Labrador. Neighbors told the owners that the dog could have been eaten by predators. For their region, this is a common thing, since cougars live there. A blind dog is a tasty morsel and an easy victim for wild animals.

At this time, one of the city residents went to the forest with his dogs. Suddenly he noticed that his dogs were behaving strangely. They ran forward, calling their owner with loud barking. The man guessed that the dogs had found some kind of find and hurried to them. In the gorge, not far from the stream, the man saw a dog that was lying and did not move. He suddenly remembered that he had recently seen an ad that the owners were looking for a blind Labrador. The man went down to the gorge to check if the dog was breathing. Suddenly the dog turned its head.

The dog was scared and weakened. As soon as the Labrador tried to get up, it immediately fell down. The man picked up the dog in his arms and carried it to the city. Then he dialed the number from the missing dog ad. The owners were incredibly happy and came to pick up their pet.

The dog was insanely happy, it wagged its tail and whined with happiness. The owners offered the man a reward for finding their pet and saving it. The guy refused and said that they should transfer these funds to the account of an organization that provides assistance to animals.

It is good that there are still such people in the modern world!

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