The dog was carried away by a tornado

The Johnson family did not imagine that in addition to the pandemic, they were waiting for another disaster. They did not expect that they were also waiting for a natural disaster in the form of a tornado. A very strong tornado passed through the state where the family lives. When it was all over, many people had no roofs on their houses, and some were left without housing at all.

The couple only miraculously managed to hide. They were woken up by a dog that started barking loudly a moment before the tornado swept through. The couple managed to hide in the bathroom, which saved their lives, but they still could not save the house. The natural disaster destroyed the house almost completely.

The most terrible thing for them was that a tornado took away their dog. The owners did not fall into despair but immediately began to search for their beloved pet. They put up ads on all the streets, told all the neighbors about the incident, and asked them to ask their friends. The couple also left pieces of their clothes and all sorts of utensils from the house so that the pet could find its way back home by smell.

Two months later, the couple received a call and was informed that their dog had been found and everything was fine with it. This news was brought by a friend of the Johnson family.

The animal was found eight kilometers from the house. It was under a lot of stress because of what happened. It did not let people near it, although the dog was very exhausted. At first, it didn’t even recognize its family. Only after the man caught it, it recognized him, smelling a familiar smell. Now everything is fine with the dog, it was in no way affected by the tornado.

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