In the winter, at the dumpsters, there are two lumps, close together, trying to warm up and survive

It was a frosty winter evening in the city of Chekhov. Two small puppies were lying on the ground near the garbage containers, who were clinging to each other with the last of their strength to somehow warm up and survive.

A girl walked by and noticed them. She brought them a box and a blanket fed them and called us.

We took them to an orphanage, fed them, heated them, and treated them for parasites.

But a few days later, the red-haired dog got sick. Our volunteer took it home. The puppy had a severe infestation, and the treatment was long and difficult.

The invasion was cured, but the stomach doesn’t work, so we need to treat it again. The probiotics helped.

When the baby recovered, we took her back to the orphanage. We gave it the nickname Amor.

Its childhood was stolen when it was dumped. A third of its childhood went through cold, starvation, and healing.

It’s very funny and playful and sweet. It’s friends with all the other puppies. We hope that it will soon find a loving family and a home.

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