Abandoned dog waited for weeks on the street for its owners to return

A dog named Pepe faced sad but still very common trouble – the owners decided that they no longer wanted or could not hold the dog and threw it out on the street. Pepe could not believe such a betrayal, so patiently waited where it was left, but time passed, and no one ever returned.

A dog wandering around the area attracted the attention of residents and they turned to animal rights activists. It turned out to be a very difficult task to pick up Pepe from the street – the dog was scared, did not contact people, and even almost got hit by a car, trying to escape from rescuers.

Animal rights activists chose the safest way to make friends with Pepe – they offered it goodies and the dog could not resist.

The dog was very scared, so all the way to the veterinary clinic, the volunteers continued to talk quietly with Pepe and pet it. When the dog was washed at the clinic, Pepe turned out to be a cute little puppy. A little treatment and a lot of care quickly made it friendly and playful.

After Pepe was cut and combed, it became completely different from the stray dog that was seen on the streets. Such a cutie was soon found a new home where it will be taken care of and loved.

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