A faithful dog protects a crying girl from harassment from her mother

This faithful golden retriever, protecting a crying girl while her mother scolds E. Everyone knows that dogs are the most loyal companions, but it turns out that they are also good defenders.
Especially when the dog is a friend of a two-year-old girl. The footage shows how the faithful retriever protects his best friend-a little girl from her mother’s abuse. Ever since Yu Yu was born, the dog has always had a special relationship with her. They are not just inseparable best friends, the dog is also a guardian angel for a little girl who is always overprotective of her.
This time, little Yu Yu ruined her mother’s face cream, so her parents scolded her. But her faithful furry companion, as always, protects her.
Speaking to MailOnline, the woman explained. “To be honest, I was very upset,” she said.
“I just bought a cream, and half of it was gone. My baby started crying because I was yelling at her quite aggressively.”
Of course, the mother’s anger disappeared as soon as she noticed that the dog was protecting the baby, hugging her with his front paws. At this touching sight, the mother immediately calmed down.
“I was still angry, but I felt that it was quite funny,” the woman said. “It was very touching. Dogs will find ways to express their love if you treat them right.”
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