Lovesick lion and white tiger live together at the zoo

The life of this lion named Cameron and his white tigress Zebu has always been difficult. They were born at a zoo in New England in 2000. This lion and tigress lived in the zoo to produce ligers (a hybrid cross between a lion and a tiger). Zebu had genetic defects due to crossbreeding, and Cameron weighed less than the norm by 90 kilograms. Fortunately, they were rescued in 2004.

“When Zebu and Cameron were rescued, we built a large building for them, since they are always together,” writes the Florida branch of Big Cat Rescue. However, Cameron was jealous of Zebu and became a threat to the caretakers, and it was decided to sterilize him (Zebu was also sterilized.) Unfortunately, Cameron has lost a magnificent mane.

“Cameron’s mood has improved, and he is even more comfortable in the conditions of a hot Florida summer without a mane. He has even become more playful because he is no longer worried.” The couple lives together to this day.

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