A chihuahua was rescued on a busy highway

In May 2014, a Chihuahua was found in the middle of Highway 680 near Walnut Creek. California.

The dog was noticed by a California police officer who tried to seduce the frightened animal food. It was very difficult because the dog was standing on the separation barrier right in the middle of a busy highway. It was very scared, but after several attempts, the policeman managed to finally grab it and put it in the car.

Initially, it was believed that the animal was placed there on purpose. Information about the little Chihuahua was broadcast on television, and several people expressed a desire to adopt him. But after a while, a local family contacted the police and said that it was their dog.

Two young girls and their father spent a week desperately searching for their dog after it ran away from the yard. The dog’s name is Charm. We are very happy that it has since been reunited with its loving family.

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