It hurts to watch: the kitten is beaten, wet, dirty. Everyone is sorry, only one decided to help

I want to cry when I see this.

The kitten is sitting in the rain, not moving. Of course, it was beaten, its paws were broken, it is dying of pain. It was quiet so that they would not touch it anymore, not torment it. Who are the people who did this to an unrequited creature, weak, small and tender?

Fortunately, one of the women passing by approached the little one. She realized that the poor animal was not doing very well, that it had trembled, but it did not go anywhere, neither to her nor from her. Alana took it in her arms, realized it was bad. And she rushed to the veterinarians.

The baby hissed at them, was angry, did not want to let them near him.

“Yes, he got a lot from people,” the experts sighed, ” there is no worse beast than a human. It hurts him very much”.

The cat had to be fixed in order to take turns examining the paws. Unfortunately, they had to resort to amputation. Alyona was grieving, she was afraid how she would cope with this wild thing when it was cured, but it turned out that the baby was the sweetest creature.

After a week in the hospital, Marsik moved to Alyona. It already realized that it was getting easier for it after all the medical interventions, it was not indignant when the woman made bandages. The owner loved the foundling so much for its courage that she could not part with it, now it lives in her house by full right.

After three months, the bandages were removed, the paws were almost healed. The character changed as if by magic. The cat is a little uncomfortable, but the pain does not torment it. So there is no need to behave maliciously, it has become a sissy and affectionate. It got along with other cats easily but also does not give itself an offense.

Now it is still wearing socks that protect its paws, and later Alyona plans to protect its stumps with slippers. It will get used to it.

The kid was lucky to meet Alyona, let everyone else be lucky too.

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