A stray cat itself came to people’s house to ask for their help

The story that we will tell you today happened exactly a week ago with a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, Laura Cassady. That morning, she was walking her pet. And when she returned home, she saw a cat with white and gray fur on her veranda.

Кошка прижалась к ногам девушки, начав жалобно мяукать. А когда девушка зашла в дом и закрыла за собой дверь, гостья начала ее царапать, как будто желая открыть.

It was cold outside, and it was beginning to rain. Laura didn’t know where this cat came from, so she decided to examine it. From its appearance, it was immediately clear that it lives on the street. Besides, it needed medical help. The cat was very thin, covered with fleas, and its fur was stuck together from a lot of dirt on it. It also moved unsteadily, and an unpleasant smell came from its mouth.

Laura was in a hurry to go to work, but she couldn’t leave a sick cat on the street either. So she decided to keep it at home for now.

The cat was immediately named Bons and fed delicious canned food. After eating to the last bite, it purred satisfactorily.

The girl determined that the cat was no longer young. She knew a little about this, since she already had a 26-year-old cat, Thomas, whom she took from the shelter.

And in the evening of the same day, Laura wrote a post about her foundling on the city’s social media page and unexpectedly received responses, where it was reported that the cat has been living on the street for several years. There was also information that it was sterilized by the animal control service.

The next stage is the search for organizations that treat homeless animals. The society of volunteers “FRA” expressed a desire to help. They promised to cure the cat if Laura would keep it at home until a new family was found for it.

The weight of the cat slightly exceeded two kilograms, and the age was over 10 years old. The absence of a microchip on its body indicated that it had always lived on the street.

An examination by a veterinarian showed that the cat’s thyroid gland was disturbed, and she also had a bladder infection. Bones was prescribed antibiotics and medications for arthritis.

Laura said that the cat bravely endured all the procedures, and in the end even fell asleep on the vet’s examination table.

Finally, the girl felt relieved, because the animal was given all the necessary help that it needed.

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