Every day, grandpa comes up to his neighbor’s 2 dogs to treat them

Dogs have always been considered man’s best friends. They are noble, gentle and loyal creatures. They are like children.
Recently, 29-year-old Isabel Kritkian published a beautiful post on social networks.
The pictures show her neighbor Max, a venerable 84-year-old gentleman who goes out on the terrace of his house in Spain every day to feed the dogs of neighbor He.
Every morning, despite the fact that no one asks him about it, Grandpa Max brings food to the dogs, because they are so playful, loving and grateful to him that he simply cannot resist them. Every day he prepares his own food, which pleases these dogs. As soon as he goes out on the terrace, the dogs immediately come running, wagging their tails.
Every morning my dogs are waiting on the terrace. So my 84-year-old neighbor gives them candy. I like to see how they get along with each other.
This 29-year-old Spaniard is pleasantly surprised every day by how familiar her neighbor’s carе has become. An action that, by the way, is loved by her two dogs: a dog, 9 years old, and Ron, a puppy of only 4 months.
Isabel added: “They do this every morning. Dogs are looking forward to his appearance because they know well when it’s time to try their delicious sweets.”
Max is an example of how to love animals, even if they are strangers.
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