The girl found a kitten with an unusual color and took care of it together with her cat

Walking down the street, the girl saw a small gray lump right on the sidewalk. The baby had such an unusual color that she did not immediately understand who it was.

She came up, carefully took the baby, and took it home with her.

The kitten was still blind and helpless. The girl immediately went to the vet, where she was taught to feed the baby from a syringe. The animal ate with pleasure and in three days its weight increased from 82 grams to 100 grams. The baby was given the name Janie.

Melissa had a cat at home who had kittens and she wanted to put Janie to her, but she was afraid of the reaction of the fluffy mom. So she put the kitten next to the cat bed and took care of it there. The cat at first just watched, but then the maternal instinct took over and she dragged Janie to her. So what if she is smaller than her children, she is already part of the family!

Unfortunately, the baby is used to eating only from a syringe, but she always fought for a place near her mother’s belly. Other kittens took a new sister into the family and even began to lick her.

Janie was the first of all the kittens who began to demand meat food, looking at how an adult cat eats.

To date, Janie has already gained weight and looks just gorgeous.

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