The dog came to the pharmacy and asked for medical help

In Turkey, the very unusual behavior of one dog was caught on a surveillance camera. It came to the pharmacy by itself to treat the injured paw.

The recording shows how a stray dog calmly entered one of the Istanbul pharmacies. The dog, as if nothing had happened, approached a pharmacy worker, a pharmacist named Banu Cengiz, and “asked” for help. At first, Banu did not understand anything. She thought that the dog was hungry, so she put food in a bowl and put it in front of an unexpected guest. But it did not eat it, but held out a paw to the woman and waited for it to be helped.

And then everything became clear: the paw was covered in blood. The pharmacist treated the wound and applied ointment. The visitors who were at the pharmacy at that moment saw everything and wanted to take the dog to their house. But the animal preferred freedom and left the pharmacy.

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