An 8-year-old boy, risking himself, rushed into a burning house to save a kitten

Dima Kozhevnikov, who is 8 years old, could not allow his beloved kitten to burn, so he rushed to save him.

It is such a touching story that we want to share with you today. We want as many people as possible to learn about the heroic act of an 8-year-old boy.

Dima himself barely got out of the burning house. A terrible fire occurred in Irkutsk.

“Our kitten remained in the house!” shouted Dima.

A wooden two-story house was engulfed in flames. Its red glow was visible from afar. All eight families living in this house managed to get out safe and sound. And now they just stood and watched a part of their life burn. Everyone was brought to their senses by the boy’s cry.

The boy’s father, Alexander, says: “It was simply impossible to keep the son!”

The man tried his best not to let his son into the burning house, he asked him and shouted at him, but he still escaped and rushed into the house, engulfed in flames, to save his tailed friend.

The family picked up the kitten on the street a few days before the fire broke out. On that day, Alexander, as usual, was returning home from work in the evening and noticed in the bushes a small fluffy, which squeaked plaintively. He could not leave it there and took it home. How glad Dima was! When the fire started, the kitten got scared and hid somewhere.

When Dima rushed into the burning house, his father rushed after him. Everything around was burning, because of the smoke, there was nothing to breathe. Alexander was in a semi-faint state. And the boy pulled the handle of the door to the apartment, but it was closed.

The father tried to carry his son away by force in his arms from the burning house, but he failed. The boy struggled with all his might, that it was simply impossible to keep him! Then Alexander took a key out of his pocket and opened the apartment. The kitten was sitting right by the door and meowing. They immediately grabbed him and ran into the street. When they first ran out of the house, the fire flared up even more violently. If dad and son had lingered even for a minute, they would not have gotten out.

“I just didn’t know what to do while I was standing on the street and waiting for them,” the boy’s mother, Natasha, said in tears. “I thought I would never see them alive again, but everything worked out. Thanks to God!”

Now the family is temporarily living with their relatives, and the city authorities are deciding how to restore the housing of all victims.

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