Touching pictures of animals that have found a new home

People should always do good if there is such an opportunity. Just many people prefer to pass by and not notice. And how nice to see that there are exceptions — when sympathetic people take an animal from a shelter or directly from the street and give it shelter and care.

Previously, Coco was thin and exhausted, and now look at this well-fed muzzle!

A radical and beautiful transformation

She had a broken leg and no one was in a hurry to help. Now everything is different!

A photo from the shelter and a picture today-feel the difference

Transformation of a puppy in a year

She was so scared and incredulous

The difference between the pictures is literally 3 days, but the result is on the face!

Dirty Simba after 3 months

The dog was brought from Romania to Finland to love and take care of

Earlier and now. His name is Makarun.

Husky Baloo was partially paralyzed, but now he runs and jumps

And this is only a small part of the good deeds that people do towards animals. And there should be even more.

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