The most premature girl in the world went home

A baby girl who was the smallest baby in the world a year ago was recently discharged from a Singapore clinic. Her birth weight was only 212 grams, and her tiny body was 24 centimeters long. But now there is nothing wrong with the girl, whose name is Kuek Yu Xuan.

The baby’s mother is Won Mei Lin. She and her husband live in Malaysia, but work in Singapore, from where they planned to return to their native country to become parents. The couple already has a son, and now he is four years old. Mei Lin wanted to wait for the successful completion of pregnancy, but last year, 2020, on the eighth of June, she felt pain in the abdominal area.

The doctors of the clinic diagnosed preeclampsia. This condition is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure to critical levels, as well as swelling of internal organs. There is a threat to the life of the expectant mother and the fetus. The doctors decided to urgently process Wong Mei Lin, although the term was very small – there were only 25 weeks out of 40 prescribed.

None of the doctors at the National University Hospital had ever seen such tiny newborns before. And the chances of nursing were minimal. The neonatologist of the clinic said that it was necessary to calculate the dosage of drugs individually. Diapers were cut off with scissors and rolled up in a special way so that their contents did not come into contact with the skin.

The skin was so thin that it literally stretched because of the probes and tubes through which Yu Xuan received oxygen and nutrition. For a long time, she was subjected to artificial ventilation of the lungs, since she did not breathe independently. The girl’s internal organs simply did not have time to form.

After thirteen long months, the miniature Kuek is finally discharged from the clinic. During the entire period of rehabilitation, parents had to give a huge amount, which was collected with the help of donations from residents of Singapore (a crowdfunding campaign was launched online – a general collection).

The baby currently weighs 6 kilograms and 300 grams. Unfortunately, she has a chronic lung disease that prevents her from breathing normally. But doctors believe that over time, Yu Xuan’s condition should improve. For her parents and for the whole of Singapore, this girl became a real miracle and a light of hope.

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