The black cat led rescuers to his owner-otherwise she would never have been found

Pets are able to save their owners if necessary. This story is from the British Bodmin, where the black cat Piran saved his 83-year-old owner, who fell into a deep ravine.

Here he is, our hero, the cat Piran

Grandma disappeared on Saturday morning-she went for a walk along the cornfield and did not return. Concerned neighbors went in search of her, but then it turned out that they went in the wrong direction. And then the cat Piran ran out to meet them. Everyone knew that he was grandma’s favorite and very attached to her, so when Piran began to meow, people followed him.

In parallel, rescuers were called

The cat led the people to a hole in the fence, behind which a steep ravine began. It turned out that the 83-year-old grandmother wanted to inspect the hole to fix it, but could not resist and rolled down from a 20-meter height. A dark, cold ravine, so overgrown that no one would ever find her there. If it wasn’t for the cat.

That’s where Grandma went

She spent several hours there, and rescuers spent another two hours to pull the woman out of the ravine

Grandma was taken to the hospital and everything is fine with her. And the cat Piran received praise from the Bodmin Police Department.

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