The dog that lived in the basement started a new life

Meet Penny! She spent the first year and a half of her life in the basement. She was regularly beaten, and therefore she became afraid of every rustle.

When the volunteers rescued the dog, it was an unhappy and downtrodden creature. In the orphanage, she was afraid of everything: people and objects. And then Blaine De Luca came there.

The shelter workers were shocked! After all, Penny immediately went to contact the guy and licked his nose!

However, it was still going to be a difficult adaptation period. The dog was afraid of the world, sat in a corner, and it was impossible to lure her with something. So six months passed, and then De Luca moved to Las Vegas. And in this city, life began to play with new colors for Penny.

Blaine began to spend a lot of time in nature. And he took Penny with him. At some point, the guy realized that walking and traveling give the dog pleasure.

They made many new friends. And gradually Penny turned into a happy, energetic dog.

Now we can say that she is a real traveler. And she also has the spirit of an adventurer

We can be happy for a Penny! She met a loving person and became really happy!

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