Non-walkable Husky was found in a knotten bag in a swamp

On a summer evening, the local kids played in the field. As they were about to go home, a plaintive howling was heard from the darkness. The children headed towards the swamp. What the children saw there, is unlikely to ever be forgotten.

Right in the swamp, there was a dirty bag tied with a tight knot. The bag moved and continued to cry. The frightened children brought their parents there, who untied the find…

In the bag, they saw a skinny and dirty dog with unhappy eyes full of tears. It was a Husky. After freeing the poor dog, people were about to go home, but the dog did not even try to get up, she continued to howl and tap her thin, dirty paws on the grass. Only then did they realize that she couldn’t walk. As if begging to save her, Hasochka crawled after people with the last of her strength.

One of the women contacted a volunteer organization and the dog was brought to the clinic. The doctors were completely at a loss. The dog’s condition was terrible, there were two bullets in it.

During the treatment, the poor dog was placed in a humane catch and she turned out to be an extraordinary, heroic dog! She courageously endured everything, smiled at people when it was very painful for her.

Just look at this beauty

Now Polenka (so the dog was named) eats off and adapts to temporary life in the veterinary clinic. In the evenings, Polina sings (exactly sings) songs to doctors and asks for attention. She adores everyone around her, and it’s always mutual. Just look at this honey, how can you not love her?

Вы только посмотрите на эту прелесть

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