A policeman came to save the child. He still did not know how his life would change in a week

This story took place in the city of Greenville, Georgia. Lieutenant Kenneth Knox took the call and did not suspect at that time that it would change his life, as well as the life of a 2-month-old girl. At least, he could not have imagined that he would have a child in a week.

When he arrived at the address, he saw a heartbreaking picture: a little girl choking on baby food. She was already on the verge and began to turn blue. Her parents tried to save the baby, but they did not succeed.

Kenneth had to act incredibly quickly because every second counted. According to the instructions, he had to start performing artificial respiration. But the food was stuck deep in the girl’s throat, and artificial respiration would provoke the food to move even further.

Therefore, he made a very unexpected, but the only right decision – to suck food out of the respiratory tract. And it worked!

The baby began to breathe!

The girl’s mother, Kristen Parham, said that she was feeding the baby an hour before the choking occurred. When they were sitting in the car next to the house, the girl began to choke, and she began to foam white from her mouth and nose. In a panic, the woman called her husband, who called for help.

When Kenneth Knox arrived at the address, he found the girl’s father in a terrible panic. He kept shouting ” My baby!”

Kenneth is very glad that he was able to orient himself in time and save the girl from death. But then he did not know that in a week his life would change.

He was invited to become the godfather for that baby. It is usually customary to make close relatives godparents. But this case was unique! The baby’s mother says that Kenneth is the best person who could become a godfather for her daughter.

After that terrible day, the officer shared photos of the girl on Facebook and told her story. It quickly became popular on the web. That terrible day was the precursor to a happy event. Kenneth writes that he is very glad that this girl is now forever a part of his life. The man also shares that that moment was the greatest achievement in his 25-year career. The man promised to be the perfect godfather!

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