These photos can be viewed forever! A photographer from Japan perfectly conveys the beauty of the local park with the help of his dog

Masayo Ishizuki, a photographer from Japan, perfectly conveys the beauty of the local park of the city of Tsukuba together with his assistant – a Shiba Inu dog named Hachi.

And a faithful friend doesn’t mind, he would love to pose against the beautiful flower beds that this seaside park is known for.

It is worth noting that the shina inu is also a symbol of Japan, as well as flowers. This is one of the smallest original Japanese breeds that were bred in the XIX century.

Ishidhuki created her account on the social network Instagram, back in 2012, where she exhibits her beautiful works with the dog Hachi.

“He looks very stylish among the flowers and in itself is impossibly cute,” says the girl.

And all her 18,000 followers absolutely agree with her.

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