Fancy Friends: A pigeon that can’t fly befriends a puppy that can’t walk

As is known for friendship, there are no borders, and everyone, both humans and animals, is subject to it.

And here is the proof of this: the pigeon Herman and the puppy Chihuahua Landi, who from the first meeting are inseparable. And they found each other in The Mia Foundation, an organization that helps animals with birth defects.

Today we will tell you about two such different but very loyal friends.

Pigeon Herman has been in the fund for several years in a row. He was found in a car dealership, he sat there for three days without movement. The pigeon was taken away and cured, but it can no longer fly.

Puppy Landi – still very small, when it got into the fund, it was only 4 weeks old, its weight was 140 grams.

The puppy cannot walk from birth, veterinarians believe that this is due to spinal cord injuries, and perhaps in the future he will have to learn to move with the help of a wheelchair.

As Sue cared for Landi, the pigeon Herman sat and watched. And then the woman decided to put the puppy next to the bird. She watched them closely.

And they immediately became friends with each other. They love to lie around and cuddle. Now the pigeon and the puppy are not alone, because they have each other.

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