Wolf abandonded by its mother grows up withi human family

The mother refused to feed Kira and her two brothers. The baby couldn’t survive alone. And in this situation Alida the human decided to save Kira.

Alida took Kira into her house, trained the baby wolf. So thanks to Alida, Kira got a second chance at life.

“Kira is unique because her mother is a wolf and her father is a hybrid of a malamute and wolf. She is a high-percentage hybrid with a conditional content of wolf genes of 75% minimum. Kira was brought, as it should be, with documents from the center for rescue and socialization of wolves ‘Ardent Winds’” Alida commented.

It was no easy task to domesticate the wolf because she was wild at heart. So Alida had to put in a lot of work into domesticating Kira. Since the baby wolf needed socialization, Alida made sure that Kira met with kids, adults, and other animals.

She ensured that the baby wolf met with many people to adapt to the environment. It was no easy task but Alida wanted Kira to feel comfortable in an urban environment.

Kira is not aggressive and she treats children carefully making sure not to scare or upset them.

This wolf has no conflicts with other animals. Kira is very friendly with people.

The fully domesticated wolf now lives happily with Alida and her son Bogdan. They love each other very much.

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