The pianist saved nine cats, and now they are his best listeners

Sarper Duman is a pianist and he has two passions, music and cats.

At the moment, nine cats live in the man’s apartment, which he rescued. The fact is that Sarper picked each one on the street, he fed them and looked after them. Once they were homeless, sick, and hungry, but now they have their own warm and cozy home, food, and, most importantly, a pianist friend.

A man works during the day, but he has to study music at night. And his favorites have long learned and, most importantly, adjusted to his regime.

During the day, they rest, sleep or play quietly. And late in the evening, when the sounds of music become audible from the owner’s room, they all come to him, sit next to him, who is on his lap, who is on the synthesizer and enjoy the music. And this attention is the best gratitude for a talented musician!

“I treat every pet like a king or queen,” the guy smiles. “And I am grateful to them for the peace they brought to my house.

Among all cats there is a special, she is blind. She cannot see the beauty of nature, birds, animals and people. Sarper puts her on the window and they sit for a long time and inhale the aromas of flowers and summer rain, enjoy the sounds that come around. This calms the cat, and brings inspiration to the musician.

“They are my life, my heart, my angels,” Sarper hugs the pets.

Even a kitten recently brought from the street fits perfectly into their company. He turned out to be a real connoisseur of music, even he himself sometimes helps the owner to play music.

It turned out to be a wonderful duet.

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