In cold weather, the bus station workers not only gave the stray dogs an overnight stay, but also arranged beds for them.

As a rule, there are always a lot of stray dogs near bus stations. Few people pay attention to them, people in the hustle run by, and the dogs only escort them out and meet them.

One day, the weather was very bad outside, a strong wind was blowing and it was drizzling. The dogs were huddled together under the canopy, but it was so cold that it almost didn’t save them. Having seen the whole picture, the bus station employees could not remain indifferent. They let them into the room, but not only that, but they also prepared their own bed for each dog. Later, the animals were fed.

The beds were made from the tires of car wheels, and the blankets were made from old rugs and sheets that were found in the back room. And also water and food were prepared for the dogs so that they could restore their strength.

Since then, the animals have had a place where they could come to warm up in cold weather and eat.

These photos were published by one of the users of the social network. They instantly flew all over the world, this bus station has become a very popular place.

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