A 12-year-old boy has been carrying a disabled friend on his back for 6 years

A boy named Zhang Jie lives in the Chinese province in Sichuan. When he was four years old, the baby was diagnosed with a serious illness — Zhang was losing control of the work of his muscles. Sometimes this disease is called ragdoll syndrome. Soon, Jie lost the ability to walk by himself.

However, this did not prevent the boy from becoming a schoolboy. For six years, Zhang’s friend and classmate, Xu Binyan, has been wearing him to classes. On Xu’s back, Zhang moves around the school from one class to another. He goes up and down the stairs with him.

In addition, Binyan takes a friend to the toilet, helps him in the school cafeteria. Also, friends always do their homework together.

Xu jokingly calls himself Zhang’s “cane”. He likes to help a friend. He admits that it is not at all difficult for him to carry a classmate. “I weigh 40 kilograms, and Zhang weighs 25. So I can easily carry him on my back.”

The teachers of the children are amazed at Binyan’s responsibility. After all, at any time of the year, he carries a friend from school. Moreover, it was Xu who offered Zhang his help in the first grade.

Jie doesn’t even know how to thank his friend. “Xu is my best friend. He has done so much good for me. I am eternally grateful to him for taking care of me.”

Xu says that in the future he wants to have such a specialty in order to help others and society.

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