In the Philippines, a 7-year-old boy has to take his little brother to lessons

Since the Philippines is not a very rich country, many families here are quite poor. Therefore, if someone has more than one child here, it is very difficult. Often, parents in such families work from 10-12 hours a day, so their children quickly get used to adult independent life.

Due to the fact that the older children have to look after the younger ones, they grow up uneducated, because it is difficult to attend classes when you need to babysit your little brother. But if you really want to learn and be smart, no one and nothing will prevent a person. This can be seen in the example of 7-year-old Justin, who, despite his baby brother, still attends classes and gets good grades.


Justin is only 7 years old, but he already knows well how to take care of young children. The boy has to go to school for classes with his one-year-old brother, who he constantly holds in his arms. At the same time, Justin also writes with one free hand, and always prepares homework whenever possible.


The parents, and even the grandparents of these two boys, work on the farm for days to feed the family. Justin’s teacher, Maama Lei, was very touched by the boy’s act and his zeal for knowledge. She allowed him to come to class with his brother and took a photo of them in class. This touching picture quickly became popular all over the world. I would like to wish Justin that everything in his life turned out and he was happy. The boy really deserves it.


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