In Bashkiria, fifth-graders rescued a drowning boy

In Bashkiria, three schoolchildren rescued a drowning boy and pulled him out of the river. The fifth-graders showed courage and self-control, performed a real feat.

On the second of July, three friends from the city of Mezhgorye spent time on the banks of the local Maly Inzer River. All the comrades study at school No. 3, in the fifth grade. They were enjoying a swim and excellent weather when suddenly screams were heard from the water.

The students noticed a hand in the river: the rest of the body of the drowning boy had already gone under the water.

The friends were not at a loss and almost immediately decided to help the unfortunate boy. They told about the incident to representatives of the Main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations .

All three guys quickly dived into the river and then conducted a well-coordinated, teamwork. Arslan Kazbulatov plunged into the water, began to untangle the algae, and push the drowning boy by the leg. Maxim Skulkin grabbed his hair, pulled on it.

And the third Dima Filatov managed to take the drowning boy by the hand and with an effort pull him to the shore. As a result, the fifth graders could push the drowning boy to the surface. Already almost at the shore, adults noticed what was happening: they helped to move the victim out of the water and assess his condition.

The press service of the Bashkir Ministry of Emergency Situations noted that the students behaved bravely. Not all adults will be able to maintain their composure and gather the courage to throw themselves into the water for the sake of saving another person, risking their own lives. The fifth-graders demonstrated their rescue skills and managed to effectively apply them in practice. The act of young rescuers can be safely considered an example of the behavior of real men. This is heroism, dedication, and dexterity, worthy of respect.

At the moment, the ministry’s management decided to file a petition for awarding to the boys. They are really worthy of recognition and can consider themselves real heroes, although they are sure that they did what anyone should have done.

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