The dog shows everyone how much it likes to go to the beach

This charming and naughty dog loves to go to the beach, and this amazing photoshoot made by its owner completely proves it.
A charming Cocker spaniel named Narcos discovered the beach when it was only 3 months old and fell in love with this place. It liked to run on the sand and look at the waves; Its owner, Euphemia Brindeyonk, seeing its happiness, realized that they should go to the beach more often. Its favorite game on the beach is catching a ball. Narcos jumps so high to catch the ball that it turns out to be completely covered with sand. Narcos also likes to chase seagulls, swim in hot weather, and meet friends.

Seeing how happy Narcos is, enjoying a day on the beach, his owner decided to take a picture of it when it was having fun playing and making big jumps; the dog looked amazing when it was flying through the air.

You can see how Narco jumps for joy and its magnificent fur flutters in the wind. Its happiness
is reflected in each of the photos taken by its owner.
Euphemia says: “I take most of the photos during the games.”

The woman decided to post incredible photos of Narco enjoying a sunny day on the beach on her Instagram page so that everyone could enjoy the emotions of this dog.

Euphemia added: “I think that 100% of people laugh when they look at a frisky Narco. He is so passionate about it that it is simply impossible not to smile.”

There is no doubt that Narcos loves to visit the beach; flying through the air, being completely covered with water and sand, this is just the best time of its day.

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