Friends did not understand why the man continues to give flowers to his ex-wife, but then he wrote an explanation

Divorce is not a rare case, but it becomes much more complicated when children are born in a marriage. How to explain to the baby that now the father lives separately, and how the father comes to the house, to see his ex-wife, who has accumulated resentments. All this is difficult, but one man found a way out.

And he shared it with all the people:

《 Today is my ex-wife’s birthday, so I got up early and bought flowers, cards, and gifts for our children to give to her. I also helped them prepare breakfast. As always, someone I knew asked me why I was still helping and taking care of her. I’m angry that people don’t understand simple things. So I decided to explain everything once and for all.

My ex-wife and I have two sons. The example that I’m giving them, by loving their mother, will have a profound impact on how they will perceive and treat women in the future.

I think that in our case, what I do will have an even greater impact on their upbringing because I am divorced from my wife. Therefore, if you do not show a good example of behavior to your children, start doing it as soon as possible. Drop the principles and prejudices and become a role model for your children. It is very important.

Raise real men. Raise strong women. Please. The world needs good and wise people more than ever. 》

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