This little dog can’t hide her joy after learning that she will finally be adopted

The dog, who was sad because her previous family entrusted her to an animal shelter, does not hide her happiness to be adopted.

A dog named Ava arrived at an animal shelter in Hoke County, North Carolina, USA, after her owner refused her. By this time, the dog was devastated, and immeasurable sadness was reflected on her face, as she did not understand why her life had taken such an unexpected turn.

The truth was that the only life she knew was coming to an end for her, but she never thought that this event would be the beginning of her happiness.

Christie Pilant, an employee of the shelter, was there when the sad Ava arrived, and the sad state of the dog really touched her big heart.

Since then, the woman has decided to do everything in her power to change Ava’s mood and dispel all her fears.

Christie said:

«She was absolutely scared and sad, it was understandable. After spending time with her, we became friends with her».

Gradually, Christie’s actions began to bear fruit, and a sympathetic Ava began to show her true personality and smile again.

The broken heart of the dog has healed thanks to the patience of its guardians. A visitor to the shelter was lucky enough to get acquainted with Ava and her story, and at the same moment, he fell in love with her.

The visitor knew that he could offer her a loving home, which she needed so much, and did not doubt that he would complete the adoption procedures.

It seemed that sweet Ava’s bad luck had completely changed, and she hinted that she knew what was going on. Kristy has always been at the shelter to welcome animals with a broken hearts, but this time she was there to say goodbye to a happy dog. Ava couldn’t contain her joy and gave her a lot of smiles and stopped to thank Christie. Surprising everyone, Ava stretched out her paw as a sign of gratitude to the loving guardian for all the love.

Christie commented :

«She was very kind. At parting, she held out her paw to me as a sign of gratitude».

Thanks to the work of Christie and all the employees of the shelter, Ava now has a family that will offer her a lot of love.

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